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Print date: 26-06-2019
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12 civilians killed, injured including children over 24 past hours
In Hodeidah province, six civilians were killed by four airstrikes on residential village on the road between Tuhaita and Zabid in Hodeidah province, said the official.
In also Hodeidah, three girls were killed, three were injured and a large damage by targeting mercenaries' artillery house owned by Majed al-Wahidi in al-Hali district, while mercenaries' artillery targeted the citizens properties in July 7 area and a shell was fell near Kuwait hospital.
In Tuhaita district, the aggression warplane launched three airstrikes near ice factory, one airstrike near residential areas adjacent to al-Khamseen road in al-Hali district, while waged two airstrikes near of Dwar al-Tesaen in al-Hali district.
Aggression mercenaries targeted residential areas north and east of Tuhaita district with machine guns and targeted with mortar northeast al-Durihmi.
In also Hodeidah, the mercenaries' artillery targeted al-Koai area and combing with machine guns towards al-Durihmi city, while the mercenaries launched number of artillery shells towards west al-Shabakah and shelled Arfan bridge in al-Mahjar of Hais district.
In Saada province, two houses were destroyed and a number of livestock were killed in Saudi missile and artillery shelling on Talan area in Hidan district, while a similar bombing targeted populated villages in border Manbah and Razih districts.
In Baqim district, three airstrikes were waged, fifty rocket were fired on separate areas of al-Dhaher and Hidan districts.
In Hajjah province, three airstrikes were waged on Harradh district.