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Print date: 25-06-2019
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HSC approves measures to preserve security, stability

SANA'A, Feb. 07 (Saba) – The newly-formed Higher Security Committee (HSC) approved on Saturday a number of measures to maintain the security and stability and restore the public life to normal.

During its meeting chaired by Maj. Gen. Mahmoud al-Subeihi, head of the committee and acting minister of defense, the committee discussed the military and security situation in the capital and provinces of the Republic in the framework of the constitutional position of the armed and security forces.

In the meeting, al-Subeihi explained that a national and historical responsibility rests with the armed forces personnel to carry out all the tasks and duties assigned to them efficiently, honestly and sincerely.

He affirmed that the armed forces institution is fully aware of its national role based on the powers conferred upon it constitutionally.

"The coming days will witness a wide security spread in the capital and some provinces in coordination between the armed forces and security units and the popular committees", al-Subeihi said.

He stressed the military and security units' role in protecting the vital and economic installations and respond decisively to anyone tries to undermine the homeland's security, unity and stability and the social peace.

Al-Subeihi called upon the political and social elites to stand by the heroes of the armed and security forces and the popular committees so as to strengthen the foundations of security and stability nationwide.

The HSC was formed under a decree issued on Friday by the Revolutionary Committee. In addition to head of the committee Maj. Gen. Mahmoud al-Subeihi, the committee membership included 17 military and civilian figures, including acting interior minister Maj. Gen. Jalal Al Rowaishan.