The Fifth International Conference On The Yemeni Civilization

Preparations are in full swung for holding the fifth international conference on the Yemeni Civilization in the next September. The functions is scheduled to take place on September 4-6 , with great deal of participants from different part of the world.

Dr Yousef Mohammed Abdullah, consultant of the culture and tourism minister for the museums and antiquities affairs revealed that dozens of historians and archeologists from all over the world will take part in the conference .

“ This conference is one of a series conferences pertaining to the Yemeni urban heritage. First conference was held in Aden in 1975, second one in Sana’a 1981, the third in Aden 1989 and the fourth in Sana’a 1997. Said Dr Yousef.

He stated that there are two major pivots the conference will be concentrating on. The first, is focusing on the antiquities , ancient sculptures and arts. Second one, is dealing with Sana’a: the architecture , history and urban heritage.

Dr Yousef , added “ On the sidelines of the conference two exhibitions scheduled to be arranged. A large architectural and artistic exhibition . The second exhibition is concerned with the demonstrates the story of the Yemeni monuments and civilization’s conference 25 years ago” .

The fifth international conference on the Yemeni civilization is one of dozens scientific and cultural functions held in the country in line with celebrating Sana’a as the Arab cultural capital for 2004.

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