YPC’s employees protest against Aden ‘s arbitrary economic decision

SANAA, July 1 (Saba) – Employees of Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC), Hodeidah Branch have organized a protest vigil in front of the United Nations Office in the capital Sana’a, condemning the arbitrary economic decisions taken by the aggression-backed government to restrict the import of oil derivatives in Aden refineries.

The protesters called on the United Nations to release oil vessels which are being hold by aggression.

The employees confirmed their rejection of the decisions taken by the exiled Hadi’s government against Aden refineries.

In Hodeidah, employees also held another protest ” sit-in ” in front of the UN office, denouncing the UN silence towards resolutions aimed to restrict the import of oil derivatives from Aden refineries.

The exiled Hadi’s government issued last week decision to limit the import of oil derivatives in Aden refineries which controlled by the businessman al-‘Isai.


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