Iran threatens America … The crash of the plane can be repeated

TEHRAN, June. 24 (Saba) – Iran’s air force described its downing of a US marines in the Gulf last week as a “tough response” to the United States and warned it could be repeated.

According to the agency, “Tasnim,” said the commander of the Iranian Navy Admiral Hussein Khanzadi: “Everyone saw the fall of the plane march … I can assure you that this strict response can be repeated and the enemy knows it.”

He pointed to the capabilities of the armed forces, which have been reviewed in recent days, saying: “The enemy sent the most modern spy planes, modern and complex to a restricted area and everyone saw how this plane fell march.”

“On the basis of revolutionary youth, we have reached a point where we can stand firm and establish security in the region and cut off the enemy in this region,” Admiral Khanzadi said.


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