Ministry of Health: Saudi aggression siege help in spread of diseases, epidemics


SANAA, June 24 (Saba) – A spokesman of Yemen’s Health Ministry Youssef al-Hadhari said in a statement that the Saudi-led aggression coalition’s ongoing war and siege on the Yemeni people help in the spread of diseases and epidemics.

Al-Hadhari explained that the number of cases suspected by cholera epidemics from January to June 21 was over 4,000 cases and out of which 686 died in Sanaa, Hodeidah and Ibb province.

“The healthy situation in Yemen still requires to support of the international community and organizations to help the ministry to get rid of the diseases targeting citizens,” the spokesman of the ministry.

The statement said that a child dies every ten minutes because of malnutrition or other diseases, according to the United Nations report for 2018.

Ali Ahsan

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