FM meets Chief of UN Mission Monitoring Implementation of Hodeidah Agreement


SANAA, May 29 (Saba) – Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf on Wednesday met with Chief of the United Nations Mission for Monitoring the Implementation of Hodeidah Agreement General Michael Lollesgaard.

At the meeting, the minister confirmed that the political leadership and the National Salvation Government put the interests of Yemen and Yemeni citizens at the top of their priorities.

“In order to spare Yemenis’ bloods, concessions were made during Stockholm consultations and several initiatives were presented to implement the agreement during the previous period, including the unilateral redeployment,” Sharaf said.

He added that “the hotels government (Hadi’s Saudi-backed government) and those who want to continue the aggression war are putting obstacles and avoiding the implementation of the agreement because they fear of losing their personal interests in case of reaching a peace agreement.

The minister confirmed that the Salvation Government would continue to provide all logistical facilities for the UN Mission for implementing Hodeidah Agreement.

For his part, General Lollesgaard pointed out that he and the mission crews are doing their best to implement Stockholm agreement and facilitate the meetings of the redeployment committee.


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