Attacks on infrastructure must stop , give priority to calls for peace in Yemen: UNICEF


SANAA, May 27 (Saba) – The Executive Director of UNICEF confirmed Henrietta H. Fore pointed out that seven children were killed in the last Friday when the US-backed Saudi aggression coalition’ air raid hit Mawya district in Taiz province, she said " Attacks on civilian infrastructure must stop, and to give priority to calls for peace in Yemen".

she added that" This attack raises the number of children killed and injured by the recent escalation of violence in the past 10 days to 27 children".

Henrietta said in a statement to Saba news agency, that these numbers only the United Nations  confirm for it, while actual numbers are likely to be much higher. 

She added, " There is no longer a safe place for children in Yemen, The conflict is haunting them even in their homes, schools and places of play ".

Henrietta ,urge all parties to the conflict and those affected to protect children at all times and to remove them from harm.


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