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FM meets UN team
[26 June 2019]
Planning Minister meets UNICEF Representative in Yemen
[26 June 2019]
PM discusses with UNICEF Representative humanitarian programs in Yemen
[26 June 2019]
Two tribal meetings to mark anniversary for Sarkhah in Amran
[25 June 2019]
Saada discusses public mobilization to fronts
[25 June 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army drone air force targets warplanes airports, military targets at Abha , Jizan airports
[26 June 2019]
Army carries out offensive on mercenaries sites in Najran
[25 June 2019]
8 Saudi-led mercenaries killed, injured in shoot operations in Asir
[25 June 2019]
A citizen killed in Saada by Saudi border guards’ fire
[25 June 2019]
Army attacks Saudi-paid mercenaries sites in Jawf
[25 June 2019]
_Army drone attacks targets Jizan airport
[10 June 2019]
3 children injured with aggression' artillery in Hodeidah, Saada: Reports
[27 May 2019]
US-Saudi aggression wages residential neighborhoods , vital installations over 24 past hours in Hodeidah: Reports
[27 May 2019]
Aggression forces continue to breach Hodeidah agreement, hit Taiz, Saada over 24 past hours : Reports
[25 May 2019]
Coalition continues to violate cease fire agreement in Hodiedah, to attack provinces: Report
[19 May 2019]
Cabinet condemns "century deal", affirms Palestinian people right to regain their usurped land
[26 June 2019]
Iran threatens America ... The crash of the plane can be repeated
[24 June 2019]
Yemen Olympic Committee celebrates World Olympic Day
[23 June 2019]
FM hails UNHCR's efforts towards refugees
[23 June 2019]
Foreign Ministry: The united States has to respect the sovereignty of other nations and stop interfering in their affair
[23 June 2019]
Army inflicts heavy losses on Saudi-led coalition over last hours : Report
PROVINCES, May 18 (Saba) – The army, supported by popular forces, over the last 24 hours inflicted on the forces of US-saudi aggression coalition heavy losses in several attacks launched on various war-fronts, a military official on Friday told Saba.

The official affirmed that the army attacked sites and hilltops of mercenaries in Talaa front, Najran province.

The official affirmed that the army secured a hilltop in the area killing and injuring tens of mercenaries and destroying an enemy military vehicle.

Tens of mercenaries were killed and injured when the artillery force shelled their gatherings and military vehicles in Hammad military site, he said, adding that the army destroyed an armored fighting vehicle using a guided rocket in the same area and another one off Sudis, killing those, who were aboard.

The army attacked enemy sites east of Doud mount in Jizan killing and injuring scores of the mercenaries and launched a Zilzal-1 missile at gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Al-Salab military camp, east of Jalah military center, he said.

In Hajjah, the army repelled an infiltration by mercenaries east of Nar mount which last for hours killing and wounding tens of them and another attempt in Hayran, he said, affirming that the artillery force shelled their gatherings in the area leaving huge losses in their ranks.

The army stormed sites of mercenaries in Masloub district, Jawf province, killing and wounding tens, he said, adding that the army shelled gatherings of mercenaries in Bayda province, the official added, affirming that the artillery and rocketry force shelled gatherings of mercenaries in Qanya.


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