Aggression coalition seeks to close Aden Airport after closing Sanaa Airport: Air Transport Director


SANAA, May 8 (Saba) – Director General of Air Transport at the General Authority for Civil Aviation Dr. Mazen Ghanem on Tuesday said Saudi-led aggression coalition countries intentionally violate Yemeni sovereignty and seek to close Aden International Airport after closing Sanaa International Airport.

“After the aggression coalition closed Sanaa International Airport for more than three years, it is currently trying to close Aden International Airport by restricting and canceling Yemeni Airlines flights to prevent the return of stranded Yemenis, especially in the holy month of Ramadan,” Ghanem told Saba.

The aggression coalition refused to allow additional flights to facilitate the return of those stranded abroad, Ghanem added.

He called on the international community and the UN Security Council to pressure the aggression countries to stop these violations, which are contrary to international laws, and to issue a binding resolution opening Sanaa airport and lifting the restrictions on the Yemeni Airways at all airports in the country, including Aden airport, to facilitate the return of the stranded citizens and to enable patients to travel abroad for treatment.


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