Artillery and air forces launch Joint attack on saudi site in Jizan


JIZAN, April 25 (Saba) – The army’s drones jointly with artillery units on Thursday launched an attack against a Saudi army’s site in Jizan province, a military official said.

Bulldozers and military equipment for the enemy were targeted during the attack which was launched in al-Khuri site, the official added.

The successfully operation left huge losses in the enemy’s ranks, he said.

During the last four years of the aggressive war by US-saudi coalition against the Yemen, the Air Force of the Army and the Popular forces, carried out more than 1,530 offensive and reconnaissance operations against more than 300 military targets.

The mostly important targets of the those Air Force’s attacks included Abu Dhabi Airport, Dubai Airport, Aramco Refinery in Riyadh, Abha Airport, Anad military base and the coalition’s headquarter in Aden.


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