Receipt, delivery for tasks between new, ex-Chairman of Board of Directors of Saba completed


SANAA, April 24 (Saba) – The Yemeni News Agency (Saba) Monday witnessed completing procedures of receipt and delivery for tasks between the ex-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Agency and its ex-Editor-in-chief , Deifallah Al Shami and the new appointed Chairman for the Board, Mohammed Al-Mansour.

During the receipt and delivery ceremony, Minister of Information Deifallah Al-Shami praised the efforts of the Agency’s cadres to develop the level of media performance in light of the challenges posed by the US-saudi aggression and siege.

He stressed that he will continue to help the new leadership of new agency in order to improve performance and address the difficulties it faces. He wished the new chairman success in his duties.

Daifallah Al-Shami pointed to the steps taken during the last period to regularize and control the working mechanisms of the agency.

In his turn, Mohammed Al-Manour praised the great efforts made by Al-Shami during his leadership of the Saba news agency as well as his efforts in the Ministry of Information and his keenness to improve the performance of various official media.

He stressed the importance of continuing efforts to raise the level of performance of agency, which is the leading national media organization and in line with the nature of the current stage.


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