Dhamar people offer 60-millions-Riyals cash convoy in support to Yemen Air force industry


Dhamar, 22 April (Saba) – The people of Dhamar province on Monday presented a convoy of cash in the amount of 60 million riyals in support of Drones’ industry belonging to the Army in sign of loyalty and gratitude to Head-of-martyrs, the ex-president Saleh al-Samad.

During the sending of the convoy, the undersecretary of Governor of the province of Dhamar Fahd al-Marouni said that this convoy is the inauguration of the first phase of the convoy entitled “Steadfastness and loyalty “, which will be followed by convoys to support the army and popular forces’ fighters in the fronts and to enhance the military industries field.

He also referred to the President’s draft of “A hand to protect the Homeland and another to protect it” which aimat to build the state and strengthen the capabilities of the army and the popular forces in the face of US-saudi- coalition’s aggression.

He pointed to the importance of providing the military industries with the potential to develop military and defense capabilities to deter the aggression coalition.

The convoy’s sending was attended by a number of local authority leaders, sheikhs, dignitaries and social figures.


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