Saudi-led coalition’s mercenaries, invaders wound child in attacks on several provinces

PROVINCES, April 22 (Saba) – The US-saudi aggression coalition’s troops over the last 24 hours continued their attacks on several provinces which resulted in injuring of a child, a security official on Monday told Saba.

The official added that a child was injured when the mercenaries and invaders fired a shell at al-Madman area, Tuhayta district, and 50 others at Faza area and at other areas south of the city.

The official affirmed that they also fired their artillery at Engineering Faculty in Haly district, and their machine guns at various areas in 7 July residential area.

The official added that the Air Defense units managed to down a Saudi-led reconnaissance aircraft while conducting enemy tasks in Kilo 19 area at Durihimy district.

The official added that the warplanes of coalition waged an airstrike on the area of Masourah, Nehm district, Sanaa province, and another on Dhyban hilltop in Mafalys district, south of Hayfan district, Taiz province.

The force of rocketry and artillery of the enemy Saudi army bombarded intensively farms and houses of citizens in Bakim district, Saada province, the official added.


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