Health Minister places wreath of flowers on the tomb of martyr president al-Samad


SANAA, April 19 (Saba) – Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel on Thursday laid a wreath of flowers on the tomb of martyred President Saleh Al-Samad and his companions in the 70th Square in Sanaa on the first anniversary of their martyrdom.

Dr. Al-Mutawakel, along with undersecretaries, directors and cadres of the Ministry of Health, read Surat Al-Fatihah on their tombs of the martyr and his companions who were killed while performing their national duty in the province of Hodeidah.

During the visit, the Minister of Health considered the visit of the tomb of the martyr Saleh al-Samad an opportunity to remember his immortal positions and all the martyrs, which requires honoring and walking on their own path and approach.

He stressed that the martyred president was an example of integrity, generosity, loyalty and a model of a sincere political man, bearing the responsibility of leading the country in difficult circumstances.

He spared no effort to build the state and establish the principle of institutional action through the project he launched, he affirmed.

Dr. Al-Mutawakel also stressed the importance of approach of the martyr President Saleh Al-Samad in building the state, defending the homeland and standing with the vulnerable.

He pointed to the need to draw lessons of sacrifice from the approach of the martyrs in defending the homeland and its independence.


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