Army’s media releases footage showing shooting down enemy spy plane in Saada


SANAA, April 19 (Saba) – The military media of army on Friday released a video footage showing the air defenses today while downing a modern reconnaissance plane of type of “wing loong”و belonging to the US-Saudi aggression coalition in Saada province.

The scenes and pictures showed the aircraft’s targeting, moments while burning, as well as moments of crash on the ground.

The plane, downed by the air defenses in Saada province of the type “wing loong”, is considered a China’s finest military industries.

The unmanned plane Wing Loong is a good version of the US MQ-9 Reaper, which provides surveillance and precision targeting of ground targets over 4,000 kilometers.

The Chinese plane, which was shot down with two missiles made in China, was equipped with a synthetic aperture radar and can be equipped with Hellfire missiles.

The Chinese plane carries 200 kilograms of weapons and sensors and can fly in the sky for 20 hours continuously.

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