Coalition continue to violate Sweden agreement, attacks several provinces: Report

PROVINCES, April 19 (Saba) – The troops of US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition continued over that last 24 hours to violate the Sweden agreement regarding Hodeidah province while continuing their attacks against several provinces, a security official told Saba.

The official said that the force of aggression fired their artillery and machine guns at Dhabiany neighborhood and areas around Itihad and Waha hotels, Shaab city, Waheen Mosque in 7 July area and nearby the Airport and Engineering Faculty.

The mercenaries fired their guided rockets at residential areas in 22 Mai, Khamseen and Sanaa Streets, he said, affirming that they fired their machine guns at Fazah and Jabalyah areas, Tuhyaita district.

In Durihimy the mercenaries and invaders fired more than 27 shells at various areas in Kilo 16, including Hangars and Sabihah Mahal, he affirmed.

Meanwhile, the reconnaissance aircraft of coalition were hovering intensively over the province of Hodiedah, he said, adding that three air raids hit Serwah district, Marib province, eight others targeted Shear district, Ibb province, and another raid hit Majaza, Asir province, he added.

The rocketry and artillery force of coalition hit intensively houses and farms of civilians in Bakim district, Saada province, he said.


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