Army secures 30 sites in new qualitative operation lasted 72 hours : Army’s Spokesman


SANAA, April 18 (Saba) – The army, supported by popular forces, on Thursday managed to liberate and secure 30 military sites, including Awd front, in Ibb province, in a military qualitative operation which last during 72 hours, the Army’s Spokesman said.

Brigadier- General Yahya Sarie affirmed in a statement to Saba that the attack was launched from three axis resulting in securing 30 sites there, including Awd front, where the army killed and injured dozens of them while the rest fled.

He added that the army seized a huge quantity of weapons during the attack.

The spokesman for the armed forces added that the pursuit for the remaining pockets of mercenaries are continuing.

He praised the honorable national stance of the sheikhs and citizens in Awd, who stood by their Homeland and their brothers in the army and the popular forces.

The official spokesman called on mercenaries fleeing to surrender themselves to the army and popular forces, stressing that they will be considered as misled and were victims of the US-saudi aggression coalition.

“Those who insist on their position staying with aggression’s ranks should wait for their inevitable fate and the results of their stubbornness,” he affirmed.


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