SPC’s Member reassures health of artist Ayoub Tarish in capital Sanaa


SANAA, April 16 (Saba) – The Member of the Supreme Political Council (SPC), Sultan al-Sama’i, onTuesday reassured the health state of the great artist Ayoub Tarish Absi in the capital Sanaa.

During the visit, the member of the Supreme Political Council praised the rich musical heritage of Ayoub and his unique national artistic production, full of love.

He affirmed that the Artist Ayoub Tarish is one of Yemen’s voices, who composed and sang the national anthem of the Republic of Yemen and imposed himself by his art and voice among the pioneers of culture and art until he became a Yemeni mark to be proud of.

He added that his visit to the artist and singer Ayoub came to fulfill to the duty of state and country toward the artist Ayoub for his artistic cocktail in blending in an unrivaled uniqueness, where he mixed his art as a sense of dignity with his love to the homeland as a destiny, as well as land and love and our national unity in the image of Greater Yemen.

Al-Sama’i stressed the keenness of the Supreme Political Council and the National Salvation Government of to stand by the artist Ayoub and support him in the more darkest conditions.

For his part, the artist Ayoub expressed his gratitude for this gesture by the member of the Supreme Political Council al-Sama’i in his visit and reassurance on his health.

Ayoub (Spelt also Ayoob) Tarish Absi born 1942 is a famous Yemeni singer and melodist from the area of Al-Aboos in the Taiz province.


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