4 civilians killed, 2 others injured in Saudi-led crimes committed in provinces : Report

PROVINCES, April 13 (Saba) – Overt the last 24 hours, Four civilians were killed, including two children, while two others were injured when a bluster bomb earlier dropped by the warplanes of US-backed coalition exploded while the troops of Saudi-led aggression coalition continued to violate the cease fire agreement in Hodeidah, a security official told Saba.
Two children were killed while two others injured when a cluster bomb earlier dropped by the enemy exploded in Qa’a Haql, Dhouran district, Dhamar province, he said.

Two other civilians were killed when the mercenaries fired a shell at al-Nadira in Dhalea province, he added.

The mercenaries fired their shells at Sharaf School in Kilo 16 area, Duirhimy district, Hodeidah province and fired as well 45 shells at two villages of Zaafran and Mahal Sheikh, he affirmed.

He added that the mercenaries shelled citizens’ properties and their houses in the two mentioned villages and fired more than 17 shells and their machine guns at Koua’i village in besieged Durihimy district amid intensively hovering by the reconnaissance aircraft of coalition.

The army repelled infiltration of mercenaries east of Hays and fired more than 15 shells as well as five guided missiles at the same area, he added.

The mercenaries’ artillery force bombarded an under-construction house at Dhabiany neighborhood and fired their machine guns at the same neighborhood, Waheen mosque and Qima hotel.

They fired 12 shells at Faza area, Tuhayta district, he said, adding that the force of rocketry and artillery of Saudi enemy bombarded populated areas in Monabih border district, Saada province, and the market as well as the center of Kitaf district, he said.

Six Saudi-led airstrikes hit Farshin area, Kitaf district, Saada province, while another air raid hit Bany Matar district, Sanaa province, he added.


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