Hodeidah security forces arrest criminal cell for US-saudi coalition forces


HODEIDAH, April 4 (Saba) – Security forces in the province of Hodeidah on Wednesday seized a criminal cell belonging to the US-Saudi aggression.

A security source told Saba that the aggression coalition troops had provided members of the cell with weapons and bombs and money, and give them orders to cause chaos and insecurity, throwing grenades in the markets and crowded streets in the city of Zabid and shedding the bloods.

“This scheme of coalition target to create a state of chaos and insecurity to be exploited by the media outlets and political to deliver a message that the government of the Supreme Political Council is unable to maintain security and stability in the province of Hodeidah.”

He added that “the forces of aggression through this criminal scheme tries to cover up what is happening in the city of Taiz and the occupied provinces, including security chaos and bloody conflicts, which caused a state of growing discontent among citizens of those provinces and led to a new wave of international criticism for the policies pursued by the States Aggression in Yemen “.

The media of security authorities had released a footage video of confessions for a number of members of the criminal cell seized.


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