Al-Ra’i asks MSF’s President to convey Yemen’s suffering to world


SANAA, April 3 (Saba) – Speaker of the Parliament Yahya Ali al-Ra’i on Wednesday asked President of MSF Dr. Joanne Liu, who is currently visiting Sanaa, to convey the suffering of Yemen and its people to the world public opinion.

During the meeting, al-Ra’i called on the organization to cooperate to pressure Saudi-led coalition countries to stop their aggression on Yemen and lift the land, sea and air blockade and the ban on Sanaa International Airport to enable patients and students to travel abroad.

Al-Ra’i condemned the coalition countries’ ban on commercial ships carrying food, medicine and petroleum products and preventing them from entering the ports of Yemen to unload their cargo, which contributed to the spread of diseases and epidemics serious in the country.

For her part, Dr. Liu criticized the violations being committed by the coalition countries against the Yemeni people, demanding further cooperation with the organization.


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