ِArmy kills more than 215 saudi-led mercenaries over last hours : Report


SANAA, April 1(Saba) – The army, supported by popular forces, over the last 24 hours killed and injured more than 215 saudi-led mercenaries during several attacks on various war-fronts, a military official on Saturday told Saba.

He affirmed that three enemy’s commanders were among the casualties of several operations launched by the army off Aleeb crossing, in Asir province.

The army imposed full control on several sites and hilltops off Aleeb during an attack launched on the sites and hilltops, where the mercenaries were stationing leaving heavy losses in their ranks, he added.

The official affirmed that the missile force launched an Zizal-1 missile and shells on the gatherings of mercenaries off Aleeb leaving huge casualties in their troops, while another shelling by the artillery force targeting thier gathering in Rabouaa left also huge losses in the mercenaries’ forces.

Off Najran, the army’s fighters attacked sites of mercenaries in Reshaha resulted in imposing full control on several sites, he said.

The official added that the army’s fighters left huge losses among their troops, while other saudi soldiers were killed and others injured when the artillery shelled them in Raqabat Al-Mashqoq.

He added that a missile Zizal-1 was fired at mercenaries’ gatherings in Aqifa camp, Hammad, which left huge losses in their forces.

He affirmed that the artillery force shelled their gatherings in Boka desert leaving huge casualties in their troops.

He affirmed that the army foiled two infiltration in Reshaha, Shourfa and Shabak areas killing and wounding tens.

In Malahidht, the army foiled another infiltration covered by the warplanes, Apache and reconnaissance aircraft, adding that three brigades belonging to the saudi army participated in the failed attempt which left huge losses the enemy’s ranks, he said.

In Dhalea, the army imposed control on new sites in west and east of Qaatba and Mouris areas, managed to seize two tanks pick-ups and other military weapons and vehicles, he affirmed.

Two tanks belonging to the mercenaries were destroyed, along with a pick-up during the attack.

In Taiz, the army killed and injured in Himiar front dozens of saudi- led mercenaries during an attack launched in Aqrouth front, which left huge losses in the mercenaries’ ranks, he added.

In Haradh, the army foiled another infiltration of mercenaries east of Nar mount while the mercenaries shelled their gatherings leaving huge human and material losses in their ranks, while another gatherings were targeted in the south of Nar mount using a guided rocket and an enemy armored fighting vehicle was also destroyed, he said.


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