Army kills tens of saudi-led mercenaries in Najran, fires zilzal-1 missile at enemy’s sites


NAJRAN March 31 (Saba) – The army, supported by popular forces, on Saturday killed and injured tens of US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition’s mercenaries during two failed infiltration in Najran province, a military official told Saba.

The official added that the army repelled the first infiltration in Shoura and Shabaka sites which left tens of killed and wounded in their forces, affirming that attempt was supported by the air force of enemy but without achieving any concrete progress on ground.

He added that the second took place in Rashaha, where the army inflicted on the enemy’s troops heavy casualties.

Meanwhile, the missile force fired a Zizal-1 missile on gatherings of mercenaries in Akifa camp, Hammad, which caused heavy losses in their troops, affirmed the official.


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