YOC’s branch in Hodeidah warns saudi-led coalition against consequences of facilities’ targeting


HODEIDAH, March 29, (Saba) – The branch of Yemen Oil Company (YOC) in Hodeidah province on Friday warned against the consequences of the continued targeting by mercenaries of US-saudi aggression coalition to its facilities in Hodeidah (oil reservoirs).

In a statement obtained by Saba news agency, the company’s branch called on the United Nations to play its role in protecting civilians, their properties and all installations linked to people’s work and life.

The statement said that the mercenaries targeted the installations using their machine guns on Wednesday morning for the second time in five days, in complete disregard of the consequent environmental, humanitarian and economic disasters against the Yemeni people.

It pointed to the severe effects that may result from the targeting of oil facilities, including disable the possibility of receiving oil derivatives, especially as this facility is the only one that receives ships oil derivatives and helps to distribution of petroleum products.

He explained that the Hodeidah facility covers 70% of the provinces of the Republic of Yemen via providing the necessary needs of citizens and service sectors such as health, water, food and medicine, transport, sanitation and hygiene needs and other necessary services, stressing that the effects of such acts will represent a major setback at the level of service and life in general.

“We reaffirm that such actions by the coalition comes in the context of a series of actions starting with the embargo imposed on oil vessels and traders and hitting the oil stations and reached to the closure of the Ras Issa oil port,” the statement added.

The statement also praised the position of the Head of the United Nations Coordination Committee for Redeployment of forces for his clear condemnation of the attack and for their warning of the catastrophic effects of the violations committed by the coalition through their targeting more than once the oil reservoirs.


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