Army’s spokesman : Army kills, injures 192 saudi-led mercenaries off Asir


SANAA, March 28 (Saba) – Armed forces Spokesman Brigadier-General Yehya Sarie on Thursday confirmed the death and injury of 192 Saudi-led mercenaries when the army, repelled, during the past hours, their five infiltration towards Baqim, off Asir province.

Sarie said in a statement to the Yemeni news agency (Saba) that the attempts lasted more than 48 hours and the enemy’s troops were inflicted heavy losses in lives, adding that more of 10 of their military vehicles were destroyed by the army, supported by popular forces.

He pointed out that most of the dead were from the so-called axis of Azal and the axis of Aleeb, where the number of wounded reached to more than 100 and the dead more than 90 mercenaries and their bodies are still in valleys.

The spokesman for armed forces affirmed that the enemy’forces were frustrated after their failure to make any progress and the heavy losses suffered by their troops.


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