Targeting Hodeidah oil facilities confirms criminal intents to eradicate Yemenis: Human Rights Ministry


SANAA, March 25 (Saba) – Ministry of Human Rights on Monday said that the deliberated targeting of Hodeidah port and oil facilities in the province confirms the criminal intents of Saudi-led aggression coalition to eradicate Yemenis.

The ministry condemned the aggression coalition’s attack on the strategic oil stockpile in the port of Hodeidah, which supplies all the provinces of the Republic with oil derivatives, according to a statement issued by the ministry and obtained by Saba.

The statement also condemned targeting of al-Boriqa refinery reservoirs Aden province, from which more than 27 million Yemenis benefit.

The ministry said that “the humanitarian disaster in Yemen was mainly caused by terrorist acts of the Saudi-UAE aggression countries, which targeted vital and strategic facilities, agricultural land, and food and medicine warehouses.

In its statement, the ministry demanded that the United Nations and its representatives should take firm decisions against the intransigence of the coalition countries and strive hard to stop the aggression and lift the siege.

The ministry renewed its call for the formation of an independent and impartial international commission to investigate all the massacres and crimes committed by the aggression countries in Hodeidah.


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