Military source: 703 violations by coalition in Hodeidah and 57 enemy’s air raids hit provinces

SANAA, March 22 (Saba) – A military source in the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the US-saudi aggression coalition continues their intransigence to obstruct the implementation of the Swedish agreement and to continue targeting residential neighborhoods,citizens’ properties and military positions, and to intensify the reinforcements and movements of their forces in Hodeidah.

There have been 703 violations by them in the last 72 hours, he affirmed.

The source pointed out in a statement to the Yemeni news agency (Saba) that the enemy air force continued to commit more crimes and targeting citizens and public and private property in a number of provinces with 57 raids.

The source pointed out that the army and the committees repulsed eight infiltration of mercenary aggression on the positions of the army forces.

He also stressed that in response to the escalation of US-saudi aggression and their mercenaries, they carried 25 military operations on many fronts.

He said that five raids were carried out on enemy positions and their gatherings.

The source said that the army and the popular forces carried out 16 other quality operations targeting the movements and supply lines of the enemy and its military equipment in several locations.

The source pointed out that the missile force targeted the training camp of the enemy in Jabal Al-Nar and their so-called “Al-Oroba Brigade” with two ballistic missiles Badr P-1.

The source confirmed the death and injury of more than 53 invaders and mercenaries, while an enemy engineering team in Wadi Jara, Jizan, were killed in a qualitative operation in addition to the fall of dozens of mercenaries dead and wounded in the training camp in Jabal El-Nar after being targeted by a ballistic missile.

According to the source, the army and the Popular Committees managed to destroy more than 17 armored fighting vehicles, military vehicles and pick-ups, he added.


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