Civilian killed in saudi-led violation in Hodeidah, several provinces : Report

PROVINCES, March 21 (Saba) – A civilian was killed by the saudi army’s border guards’ fire while the aggression coalition-led troops over last 24 hours continued their attacks on various provinces in violation to Sweden agreement, a security official told Saba.

In Saada, the saudi army’s border guards killed a citizen in Monabih border district, while the force of rocketry and artillery of mercenaries shelled populated areas in borders, he affirmed.

Three saudi-led airstrike hit Shada district, three others targeted Al-Shafiaa area, Safra district and ten others hit separate areas in Kitaf.

Six other saudi-led air raids hit separate areas in Bakim while the citizens’ houses and farms in the same district were hit by the artillery and rocketry forces of the saudi enemy, he added.

In Hodeidah, the official affirmed that the coalition”s troops bombarded Hodeidah’ airport, Khamseen st. using machine guns while they bombarded using their shells and weapons the area of Itihad Hotel and 7 July zone.

He affirmed that a the fire sit on a citizen’s house in Dhabiany headquarter when the mercenaries shelled the area.

He added that the coalition forces bombarded several houses of citizens in durihimy besieged city and fired more than 12 shells on citizens’ houses in Kouaa village.

More than 40 Katyusha rockets were fired by the mercenaries in addition to 12 shells at the citizen’s farms in Tuhayta while 14 other shells were fired at separate areas south and est Tuhayta, he said.


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