Army : Coalition waged more +250000 raids on Yemen, 300 new enemy’s targets wait order to be hit


SANAA, March 17 (Saba) – The Spokesman for the Armored Forces Brigadier-General Yahya Sarie on Saturday revealed that the number of raids launched by the US-saudi coalition of aggression on Yemen since the beginning of the aggression amounted to more than a quarter of a million raids, which exceeds the number of raids launched in World War II.

“The number of raids exceeds this figure greatly if we take into account the raids in areas where violent confrontations have not been accurately documented for various reasons,” Sarie said at a news conference in Sanaa to review the harvest of four years of battle of steadfastness in the face of the aggression coalition.

He pointed out that the warplanes of aggression dropped at least 5914 cluster bombs and White phosphorus munitions a number of provinces and regions.

He pointed out that all the provinces of Yemen have been subjected to air raids with the exception of provinces of Socotra and Maharah, indicating that the number of raids against the province of Saada raids during the four years exceeds what suffered more than nine European cities combined during the Second World War.

He stressed that Yemen has accurate details and information on the participation of each country participating in the aggression and the level and quality of this participation, where the number of States participating in aggression on Yemen indirectly is estimated to 22 countries.

He said that there are regimes that participate in an undeclared manner in the aggression because of their internal situation sending forces on the ground, which confirms their involvement in the aggression against Yemen.

With regard to the number of missiles, bombs and missiles thrown at Yemen during the four years of the aggression, he said that at least 2951 photoflash bombs and 3721 sound bombs not to mention dropping dozens of thermobaric weapons.

He said that tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded people, including women and children, were killed by the the coalition’s air strikes, barbaric shelling, air and sea bombardment, as well as the destruction of approximately 700,000 public and private facilities, distributed between homes, educational and health facilities, factories, farms, roads and mosques.

On which concern the national power to deter the aggression, he said that the missile forces achieved significant successes and reached to produce homemade ballistic missiles, he said.

“Among the successes is the entry of a number of advanced missile systems to service and has reached what the missile force launched during the past four years 890 missiles on targets within the territory of the Republic as well as deep in the enemy’s territories,” he said.

He stressed that the armed forces possess a strategic account of ballistic missiles and the armed forces of Yemen and is able to launch dozens of ballistic missiles at the same time on more than one goal of the enemy at home and abroad. “We have ballistic missile systems capable of hitting their targets accurately without being challenged by enemy defense systems,” he said.

Regarding to the unmanned aircraft manufactured by the army, Brigadier Sarie said that pilot operations of unmanned aircraft began during the second year of aggression and the air force managed to break the superiority of the enemy air force.

He pointed out that since the entry of the battle, the Air Force has carried out 164 attack operations and carried out with great success and more than 1362 reconnaissance and monitoring of the US-Israeli-backed enemy’s objectives including military bases, facilities, gatherings, camps, movements and reinforcements.

He also confirmed that the air force manufacturing and production processes are continuing and subject to constant development processes, adding that advanced generations of aircraft and new systems will enter service during the next stage.

He added that “the entry of the air force in the battle boosted the bank targets of missile power, and there are more than 300 military targets belonging to the enemy added to the bank targets can be targeted with appropriate weapons if the leadership decided that.

He pointed out that among those goals “headquarters used by Saudi and the EAU military leaders.”

With regard to the operations of the Navy and the coastal defense, Brigadier General said that the naval force carried out during the past four years 19 quality operations during which direct casualties.

He also reiterated that the armed forces will continue to work to build naval forces and coastal defense commensurate with the nature of Yemeni geography and assume the responsibility of defending the coasts, territorial waters and islands. He pointed out that the armed forces exercise their legitimate right to defend national sovereignty.

He pointed out that the units of military engineering as well as units against the armor succeeded in the implementation of about 9000 quality operations targeting armored fighting

vehicles, mechanisms of the enemy, medium and heavy weapons, the concentrations of mercenaries and soldiers and fortifications.

He pointed out that these operations led to the destruction of at least 7000 , armored fighting vehicles, military vehicles, tanks, cars and bulldozers.. at the rate of four to five operations targeting every day.

He added that after the directives of the leadership to develop the sniper unit, referring to to 22,849 operations launched by the snipers units since the beginning of the aggression. “Our forces carried out over the theater of combat operations since the beginning of the aggression 3365 offensive operations and succeeded in addressing more than 4152 infiltration attempts of the enemy and attempts to infiltrate,” he said. He pointed out that the air defenses succeeded in downing 25 warplanes, 19 Apache helicopters and 240 reconnaissance aircraft and espionage.

He affirmed the armed forces, supported by popular forces, killed and injured more than one hundred thousand enemy forces, including 78000 dead and wounded by mercenaries. He explained that the Saudi regime is silent on the size of human losses on various fronts, including in Asir, Najran and Jizan provinces.”The people of our people, headed by members of the military establishment of the army and the popular forces, are making a historic heroic epic in defense of national sovereignty,” he said.

He added that “the entry of the air force in the battle boosted the bank targets of missile power, and there are more than 300 military targets belonging to the enemy added to the bank targets can be targeted with appropriate weapons if the leadership decided that.

He explained that the intelligence information confirms the existence of aggressive intentions within the process of military escalation of the enemy in Hodeidah and there is accurate monitoring of the movements of enemy, affirming that the army will take all the required actions and appropriate.

He affirmed at the end of conference that the Yemenis who defeated the Great British occupation during the period of its peak-glory is able to throw the weak and small state of UAE.


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