Armed forces’ spokesman: 678 new violations of coalition in Hodeidah within 72 hours


SANAA, March 9 (Saba) – Spokesman for the Armed Forces on Saturday said that the continuation of US-saudi-backed aggression coalition in their violations of Hodeidah puts the United Nations, the Special Envoy and the Chairman of the Observer Group in front of their responsibilities in declaring the aggression an obstacle to the agreement.

“The forces of aggression do not want peace, do not abide by the UN resolutions and continue to commit more crimes against the Yemeni people,” Brigadier General Sarie said in a statement to the Saba news agency.

He held the United Nations and its Special Envoy fully responsible for the continuation of the coalition in their violations, military escalation.

He called to pressure on them and their obligation to implement the agreement and the UN resolution.

He called for the declaration of aggression and its mercenaries as a non-respecting party to the Sweden agreement and to hold them accountable for the consequences of their violations and the continuation of their aggression and siege imposed on Yemen.

The armed forces spokesman pointed out that during the past 72 hours the mercenaries of the aggression committed 678 violations, targeting residential neighborhoods, houses and farms of the citizens and the positions of the army forces in Hodeidah using 355 shells and 202 medium and light weapons firing.

He pointed out that the mercenaries carried out several failed attempts to infiltrate toward the positions of the army forces.

He s reported that the air aggression continued to target citizens and public and private property in a number of provinces with 17 raids.

Brigadier Sarie explained that the army fighters and the Popular forces responded to the escalation of the enemy through launching several offensive operations on the enemy positions, during which they secured and recovered a number of sites where the enemy had been occupied.

The spokesman of the armed forces also confirmed that dozens of mercenaries were killed and wounded.

He affirmed that the army fighters and the Popular forces were able to inflict on the coalition’s troops material losses.


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