Yemen calls upon UN to oblige other party to implementation of the Stockholm Agreement


SANAA, March 9 (Saba) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday called on the United Nations to break its silence and carry out its responsibility to oblige the other party to respect its obligations and to implement the Stockholm Agreement concerning Hodeidah.

An official source in the ministry said in a statement to the Yemeni news agency (Saba) that the other party impede the implementation of the Swedish agreement and put demands outside the agreement, under the guidance of Britain, which continues to mislead its people to continue their suspicious deals with their allies associated with terrorism and involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yemen.

“The British people should know that their government takes benefit from killing the Yemeni people and starving and besieging 27 million Yemenis in a way that is contrary to the simplest sense of ethics and common human values,” the source said.

The source called on the British government to stay away from its policies and the positions of its officials, which are reaping daily resentment of the Yemeni people as policies and positions biased to kill children and women and supporting the destruction of Yemen, siege imposed on it, as well as starvation of its people.

The source stressed that the policy of the British government does not serve international peace and security and the interests of the British people.


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