PM chairs meeting to discuss latest developments in occupied provinces


SANAA, Feb. 12 (Saba) – A governmental meeting held on Monday in the capital Sanaa, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor, discussed the latest political and social developments in the southern and eastern provinces suffering from the Saudi-UAE occupation.

The meeting stood before the fascist practices practiced by the UAE through the terrorist gangs of al-Qaeda, Daash and other radical movements organized under the so-called “ security belt forces” and the “southern transitional council” against the citizens of those provinces, especially Aden, Lahj and Abyan.

The meeting was attended by the governors of Abyan, Ahmad al-Rahawi, Aden, Qasim Salam, Hadramout, Luqman Baras, Shabwa, Muhammad Ali al-Tambala, Mahara, Al-Qutibi Ali Hassan al-Faraji, and Socotra, Hashem al-Saqtari.

The meeting dealt with the serious violations of human rights in the secret prisons of the UAE occupation state against the abductees, especially those who reject their presence on the Homeland

The meeting dealt with the popular rebellion in Aden, which is increasingly expanding due to the practices of the occupiers, after its people were fed up with its repressive actions and the thuggery acts carried out by its extremist criminal gangs against its people, especially the kidnappings, as well the plot of UAE standing behind the crimes of assassinations, which cost the lives of a number of academics and scientists and led to unprecedented state of insecurity in Aden due to the occupiers, who encourage chaos and extrajudicial killings.

It also discussed the dangerous approach that is being fed by the Emirati occupier in Shabwa through the so-called “Shabwa elite forces”, their interference in the details of the people and efforts to create strife and sow differences and fabricate problems between the citizens and tribes in order to facilitate his plan for impose full control on the province and looting of its oil wealth, through their mercenaries , specifically in oil and gas areas and transmission lines where, they share the revenues for funding unknown and extremist sources and part to finance their aggression and dirty war on the Yemeni people.

The meeting dealt with the situation in Mahara province and the practices taken by the Saudi occupiers to extend their full control over it and to achieve their old target in extending an oil pipeline through the Yemeni territories to the Arabian Sea, which flagrantly violates Yemeni sovereignty, all international conventions and agreements governing international relations and countries under occupation.

They discussed the latest developments in the province of Socotra, where the Saudis and UAE try to exchange of roles through bring a full military brigade to the archipelago to devote its occupation and terrorizing the population.

They praised the weekly protest demonstrations organized by the Free Sons of Aden in Brega and the Caltex road-cross against the presence of the Emirati occupier and its criminal practices against the people of Aden.

They pointed out that these popular and blessed positions come after the people have suffered from the actions and violations of the occupier and his extremist gangs.

The participants denounced the actions taken by Saudi Arabia and the aggressor regarding the mobilization of extremist groups and Daash and organized them into the so-called national army to sent them to the west coast to fight the army and the popular forces, and they are supported by the Western intelligence.

They strongly condemned the military developments of the occupiers in Shabwa coast and and Wadi Hadramout to tighten their control over the oil wealth and strengthen their occupation through their mercenaries and in the framework of arrangement for the post-aggression and occupation period, especially the target of extension of the oil pipeline, which they were seeking to achieve since nearly fifty years.

The meeting stressed that the aggressor Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates hope to achieve a single strategic target and therefore there is no dispute among them as some think ..

They referred to what happen in Socotra and other areas regarding the withdrawal of the UAE forces and replace them in Saudi forces or vice versa, affirming that all falls within the exchange of roles to ease international pressure on them.

The meeting considered the National Movement, facing the futility of the Saudis and UAE, as pride for all Yemenis who resist aggression and occupation.

The participants praised the social figures and the honorable citizens of Socotra who stood up to the occupiers, especially the UAE, and prevented them from taking out more than 312 containers carrying rare natural resources of the island, including plants, trees, and coral reefs to cultivate them to grow in the UAE .

They called upon the international organizations and at the forefront UNESCO to carry out its duties and exert pressure on the occupiers and to condemn their destructive acts committed in the archipelago, its environment, its unique herbs, plants and rare trees, which exist only in there.

The participants applauded with great appreciation and respect the capital Sanaa , which included all Yemenis without exception and embraced them in this difficult situation, especially the citizens of these provinces under the occupation.

They pointed out that the capital Sanaa always proves that it is the home of all Yemenis and safe haven that preserves their dignity and security and safety.


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