Coalition continues over last hours to violate cease fire in Hodeidah, attack other provinces

SANAA, Feb. 11 (Saba) – The US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition and their mercenaries continued over the last 24 hours to violate the cease fire in Hodeidah while launched several attacks in Saada and Hajjah provinces, a security official told Saba.

The mercenaries fired their artillery and machine guns at Shajan village, Durihimy city.

They fired more than 33 artillery’s shells citizens’ properties in Shajan.

The invaders and mercenaries fired their arillery at areas south of Kaway village, airport, and other headquarters while the enemy’s warplanes were continuing to hover in Hodeidah’ sky.

Five saudi-led airstrikes hit Dhaher in Saada.

Four hit separate areas in Kitaf and another was waged in Bany Saiah, Razih district, added the official.

Three other saudi-le-d airstrikes hit Bakim district while the force of rocketry and artillery shelled citizens’ properties in the district.

In Hajjah, three saudi- les airstrikes hit Mandalah, Kusha district.

Earlier a citizen were killed when a cluster bomb earlier dropped by the combat jets of the enemy went off in Bakil Mir.

Three other air raids hit Mazrak area, Haradh, said the official.


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