More than 367 violations of mercenaries in Hodeidah within 4 days : Spokesman of armed force


SANAA, Feb. 5 (Saba) – The spokesman of the armed forces, said on Monday that the aggression and mercenaries have committed more than 367 violations during the past four days to cease fire in Hodeidah targeting residential neighborhoods, farms and houses of citizens and army sites and popular forces.

Brigadier Yahya Sarie told Saba that these violations were distributed among the firing of 16 rockets and 216 shells, 91 shelling attacks using medium and light weapons and 34 reinforcements and movements.

He pointed out that the mercenaries of the aggression tried to infiltrate towards the positions of the army and the popular forces in Shijan and to other areas north-east of Biout Khbabit area in Durihimy.

They continued also their to build their innovations and fortifications, he said, adding that war planes and the reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the enemy continued to hover intermittently in the sky of the city of Hodeidah and a number of districts, he said.

He pointed out that the combat jets of the US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition launched 85 raids on multiple areas.

He said that the army fighters repelled six infiltration of the mercenaries toward the positions of the army in Hodeidah, Jawf, off Najran and Taiz.

The army also foiled five attempts to infiltrate other mercenaries in Hodeidah, Jawf, Najran and an attempt to infiltrate by al-Qaeda terrorists in Qanya, he added.

In response to the escalation of the aggression and its mercenaries, Serie said that the army, supported by the popular forces, carried out six offensive operations on the enemy positions, including an offensive operation in the valley of Jarah, off Jizan, during which they imposed full control on of the tower of Rokaa, adjacent hilltops and Qambura village and east of the village of Qima.

They also carried out an offensive offensive operation in which they secured Jabal al-Radaa, al-Wali hilltops, nearby other hilltops and two attack operations in the Mazrak area and they managed to liberated Hamra and Nawaf hilltops, in addition to an offensive carried out in Taiz, he added.

He affirmed that the army air forces launched drones’ attacks on enemy’s sites in Qanya, Bayda.

He pointed out that the army carried out eight raids on the mercenary sites in Jawf, Taiz and Dalea, and in the Shurtat station in Jabal Al-Nar of Mazraq and in Rashta Al-Gharbia, Buqa area.

The spokesman of the armed forces said that the army and the popular forces carried out 15 qualitative operations targeting the locations, gatherings, movements and supply lines of the enemy south of Hazm, Safar al-Henaya, Kairo heights, Taibah al-Shem, al-Khalifin, Sabreen in Jawf, al-Azhur square in Razih and in Jabal Qays, the square of Mashaal off Jizan and in Mouthalath Al-‘Asha and at the Al-Wakar site in Al-Wadi, off Najran, in Kalabah and in Al-Jahliliyah in Taiz.

He confirmed that the enemy and his mercenaries suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment.

More than 46 mercenaries were killed and wounded in the Razih and Jabal Qays axis during special operations, he said.

Three mercenaries were also sniped in Astar, Jawf, three were shot east of Jabal al-Doud, three others in Shajaa square and another in Jabal Jafan in Jizan, he added.

The army downed a enemy’s reconnaissance aircraft in Wadi Jara, opposite Jizan, damaged two machine guns in the Razih area and two pick-ups in Qnya, he said.

A pick-up loaded with mercenaries was hit Jawf.

A pick-up belonging to the militiamen was hit at Al-Waza’i junction, he affirmed.

A military vehicle belonging to the mercenaries were also destroyed in Al-Sawah, as well as four other mechanisms in Hebei and Shifa, he added.


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