Presidency of Parliament endorses its agenda for first period


SANAA, Feb. 2 (Saba) – The Presidency of the Parliament held a meeting on Saturday chaired by speaker of Parliament, Chairman of the Presidency of Parliament, Yahya al-ra’i.

The meeting approved the agenda of the parliament for the first period of first half-year for the fourteenth annual session.

The Presidency also discussed a number of topics on its agenda and took appropriate decisions, including reviewing the status quo.

The Presidency urged the committees with topics under consideration to quickly complete their work and submit it to the parliament for decision.

It praised the successes and victories achieved by heroes of the army and security and the popular committees and with them the masses of the Yemeni people.

The Presidency of parliament stressed the importance of the stability and cohesion of the home front in order to achieve more victories and end the aggression and break the all-out siege imposed on the country since years.

It also condemned the continued targeting of the Saudi-led aggression coalition led by Saudi Arabia and backed by the US on the homes of citizens in war crimes, which are not subjected to statute of limitations and most of its victims are women and children.

The Presidency of Parliament reviewed and approved the minutes of its previous meeting.


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