Foreign Minister meets UN envoy to Yemen


SANAA, Jan. 30 (Saba) – Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf met on Wednesday with UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith.

During the meeting, the Foreign Minister affirmed the commitment of the leadership in Sana’a to what was agreed upon in Stockholm in exchange for the arrogance of the other party, which clearly shows that they are not serious about moving towards a political solution, pointing out that the coalition is working hard to put obstacles to any tracks or signs of settlement that would Contribute to alleviating the human suffering of the Yemeni citizens, including those living in the occupied provinces, which witness all kinds of arbitrary practices against citizens and those harming the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Yemen.

The Minister reviewed models of actions that reflect the lack of seriousness of other party in dealing positively with the Stockholm agreements and confidence-building measures.

He pointed out that the government of the exiled Hadi is working to increase the suffering of the Yemeni citizens at home and abroad by preventing the handling of passports issued by the main center for service of the Immigration, Passports and Nationality in Sanaa and its branches in the non-occupied provinces, in addition to obstructing any efforts to reopen Sana’a airport to commercial air traffic Without regard to the health situation of those in need of treatment abroad or of those who require their travel abroad for purposes of study or trade.

He pointed to the continuation of those who claim legitimacy in Riyadh in their illegal behavior and practices that harm the national economy and affect the livelihood of the citizen through manipulating the prices of the national currency, which affects the price of the riyal against foreign currencies in addition to obstructing the entry of vessels of oil derivatives, compounding the economic deterioration, affecting livelihood of citizens and leads to the fabrication of crises .

The Foreign Minister added that the other party has listed the names of a number of individuals belonging to terrorist organizations in the statements of exchange of prisoners, which confirms the lack of seriousness and at the same time clearly showing the presence and control imposed by the terrorist organizations on the occupied provinces, while Sanaa showed good intentions in dealing seriously with the prisoners file, the latest of which release of the Saudi prisoner without any condition due to his health condition.

Minister Sharaf stressed the importance of addressing the issues of the salaries of state employees and the opening of Sanaa International Airport as an urgent humanitarian demand for the citizen in the first place and constitute the basis for reaching solutions and subsequent steps that would accelerate the achievement of a comprehensive political settlement and a sustainable peace.

For his part, the Special Envoy said that he continues his good offices to implement and make the Stockholm agreements a success as a step paving the way to reach to a political solution and peace in Yemen.


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