Army’s spokesman: coalition insists on position of non-respect for Sweden’s agreement, continues violations in Hodeidah


SANAA, Jan. 25 (Saba) – Spokesman for the Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahia Sarie on Friday said in a statement to Saba that the mercenaries of the US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition insist on their position not to fulfill what they committed to in the Swedish agreement and try to avoid the agreement.

Brigadier Sarie referred to the continuation of the aggression and their mercenaries for their intensive violations in Hodeidah and the clear unprecedented escalation in the other fronts which reflects the enemy’s unwillingness to cease fire and bring peace to Yemen.

He pointed out that despite the commitment of the army and the Popular forces to respect the ceasefire in Hodeidah, the aggression and its mercenaries continue to commit violations.

They have committed 158 violations in Hodeidah over the past 48 hours, including the firing of 101 artillery shells, 15 rockets and 31 shooting attacks from various medium and heavy weapons towards houses, farms of the citizens and the positions of the army.

He added that that the shelling focused mostly on Saffron, Al-Sheikh, Al-Kouei, Al-Shijun, Al-Ittihad, Al-Qumah and Al-Waha areas.

He pointed out that the monitoring of mercenaries who were building fortifications and developments at Falla, their reinforcements and movements between Akd and Shaab city, north of the Hashidi and among 22 May, Shabaka and Ghirsy.

He added that movements of pick-ups, cars and armored fighting vehicles of the mercenaries among Ghirasy, Moudamara Imar, and Kasar were monitored while the reconnaissance and war aircraft of the enemy were continuing to fly over the city of Hodeidah and a number of districts.

The spokesman of the armed forces added that the artillery of the mercenaries of the aggression bombed one of the silos of the Red Sea mills and that led to the fire in a cowardly action which reflects the extent of hatred and indifference to life of citizens.

The warplanes of the enemy launched 31 raids on various areas, including five raids on Haradh, Hajhah, a aid on Nehm, 25 raids on Saada, including a raid on Al Azhour, three on Malahidh and nine on the Kitaf while a raid hit Boka and 11 others targeted Baqem and Joumla.

The army foiled an infiltration of the mercenaries in Thabit hilltop, launched four attack on the enemy’s sites in Aweed, Bas site, Taiz, and another offensive in Khab Wa Shaaf, Jawf.

Another attack targeted the mercenaries’ sites in Boka, where the army liberated new sites and the air force launched drones’airstrikes on the saudi army’s sites in Asir.

He pointed out that the heroes of the army and the popular forces carried out a large-scale and surprising offensive military operation on the sites and gatherings of the mercenaries south of Jabal al-Nar causing great confusion and panic state among them.

He added that the army imposed full control on sites where the mercenaries were stationing north of Majrabia, as well as areas leading to hilltops south of Khazan hilltop.

Brigadier Sarie said that the heroes of the army and the popular forces carried out an incursion into the mercenary sites in Wazaia junction in Taiz and five quality operations targeted the sites, gatherings and movements of mercenaries in the desert of Al-Ajashar in Boka, in Al-Jahliliyah in Taiz and Rasheh and in Boka in Saada and in Al-Khalifin in Jawf.

The spokesman for the Armed Forces confirmed that the armed forces have inflicted heavy losses on the mercenaries of the aggression and dozens of them were killed and injured, including snipping of two mercenaries in al-Jahlehiyah, one in Razih, and six others off al-Sudais in Najran and Tala in Boka.


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