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PM discusses Planning Ministry's semi-annual plan
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Saudi-led mercenaries commit 306 violations in Hodeidah within 48 hours : Army's spokesman
[22/January/2019] SANAA, Jan. 22 (Saba) - Spokesman for the Armed Forces, General Brigadier Yahya Sarie, confirmed on Monday that the mercenaries of the aggression continue to defy the UN resolutions and renounce their obligations in Sweden, where they committed 306 violations during the last 48 hours.

Brigadier General Sarie said in a statement to the Saba news agency that the artillery of mercenaries fired shells targeting neighborhoods, farms and houses of citizens in Hodeidah.

Al-Shaab City, Hanager Al-Hashidi and Al-Aqqed area were targeted towards the surrounding area of ​​the vessel, Hara al-Sibayani, City max area, other areas east of El Faza as well as the military airport.

He pointed out that the mercenaries also shelled the village of Mahal Sheikh, Al-Waha area, engineering zone, in addition to Qima area, other areas around the College and the white building, as well as the region of ​​Saffron.

Brigadier General Sari said Spy planes and Apache continued to fly over the city of Hodeidah, Darihmy and Hayes areas, while the mercenaries of the US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition continued their intensive shelling using various medium and light weapons towards other areas and sites of the army.

He pointed out that the army and the Popular forces spotted a bulldozer for the mercenaries that is developing fortifications north of Hayes and another bulldozer around al-Gharasi.

He added that mercenaries were observed building fortifications north of Khawla school in Hays and around Falla.

The armed forces monitored reinforcements and movements of personnel, mechanisms, crews and armor of mercenaries intensively between several areas in the province.

The spokesman of the armed forces that the combat jets of the coalition waged 56 air raids, including raids on the line Kadddp, Taiz , nine on Harad and Medi, 27 raids on Sanaa and 18 on Saada.

He pointed out that the heroes of the army and the Popular forces foiled an infiltration of the mercenaries of the coalition in Tuba Abu Shahid in the area of ​​Rabwa and another attempt in Astar in Jawf.

The army heroes, supported by popular forces, carried out four attacks on mercenary sites, including an offensive operation on the valley of Najd al-Faris and another off al-Sudais in Najran, during which they managed to take control of Taba Adam and another site for the enemy off al-Sudais

Two attacks targeted the troops of the enemy in Jabal Jhafat and Jabal al-Nar of al-Mazraq during which they took control of a number of areas located south of Shalila village.

He pointed out that the heroes of the army carried out seven raids on the sites of mercenaries in the Tibab Ramilia area of Alajasher, Qanasin, Silaly hilltops, Qaif square area, Al-Salan and Al-Masloub regions.

Eight quality operations were carried out in the areas of Al-Mahashma, Aistar, Al-Ghali and Al-Khalifin in Jawf and the missile force fired a Zilzal 2 missile on the enemy's gatherings in Khalid Camp located in Taiz.

Brigadier Saireh confirmed that the mercenaries of the aggression suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment during the attacks where six mercenaries were sniped in Jawf and another around Qan, Nehm district.

According to the spokesman of the armed forces, commander of the so-called Brigade 101 infantry belonging to the coalition Abdul-Bari Saleh was killed in al-Ghail.

 A military vehicle was also destroyed in al-Muhashmah and another in al-Qa'if area.

Two other pick-ups belonging to the mercenaries were destroyed in Khleifin in Khab Wa Shaaf district, Jawf, in addition to a military vehicle which was destroyed off Jizan during operations carried out by the army, supported by popular forces' heroes.

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