General Ali Ghadiri is the first candidate for the presidential elections in Algeria

SANAA, Jan. 20 (Saba) – The retired general Ali Ghadiri announced Saturday his candidacy for the Algerian presidential election, becoming the first candidate in the ballot scheduled for April 18 next,

 This comes at a time when the intentions of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in this regard are ambiguous and he has ruled the country for twenty years.

The 64-year-old general said in a statement to the Algerian media: “I decided to accept the challenge and run in the presidential elections,

 Adding: “This great challenge … involves asking questions without any taboos on the existing regime.”

Ghadiri has reinforced his image to the public through a series of media appearances in recent weeks. In an interview with Al Watan newspaper last month, he criticized speculation that the election could be delayed and the mandate of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika extended, saying he expected the army to stop a similar move.

The comments angered the Algerian Ministry of Defense, which has vowed to resort to the judiciary if the rules are broken on the conduct of retired military.

Bouteflika’s 81-year-old son, who has been using a wheelchair since a stroke in 2013, will end April 28. He has ruled since April 1999.

Despite his health and age, his camp calls him months ago to run for a fifth term. But no decision has yet been made.

Under the law, prospective candidates will have until March 4 to register the application for candidacy through the Constitutional Court.


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