Trump Dome of Missile Defense hit fantasy : Russian senator


SANAA, Jan. 18 (Saba) – Russian Senator Aleksey Konstantinovich Pushkov said that US President Donald Trump, with his announcement of the new anti-missile defense plan, is trying to play his country’s anti-missile defense to finance the military industry.

“Trump is trying after Bush junior and Obama to erect a non-penetrable missile defense shield over the US It sounds nice to talk about, but it’s unlikely to be achieved in practice.” Trump is just trying to play the “US immunity” card, according to Bush. It does not require American military doctrine, but fiction remains a fantasy. ”

Pushkov added that Washington had spent huge sums on the design and installation of a new missile defense system, bringing the huge benefit to the US military industrial complex.

“So the program will be implemented even if the US immunity against missiles is an elusive goal,” he said.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump presented an updated strategy to develop the US missile defense system.

The strategy analyzes current and future threats and sets out the main directions for the development of the anti-missile defense system in accordance with current US defense and nuclear power strategies.

Source: Novosti


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