Top commanders of US-saudi coalition aggression killed, injured in Anad drone’s attack


SANAA, Jan. 10 (Saba ) – Dozens of Saudi-led coalition forces, including several military commanders were killed and wounded in today’s air force attack on Al-Anad military base in Lahj province a military official said.

The attack targeted a military gatherings of the invaders of coalition and their militias in the military base, the official said.

Social media activists in southern occupied provinces circulated photos showing the platform where the military commanders were setting and revealing their names and spoke on army’s drone attack on Saudi-UAE-backed military base in Anad and mentioned some names of senior commanders, including Chief of staff of enemy so-called Abdullah Nakhi, Deputy chief of staff,Saleh Zandani, Head of military intelligence so-called Saleh Tamah, Commander of the so-called 4th region,Fadhal Hassan and Lahj governor appointed by the exiled Hadi.

“Our sources confirmed that there are over 150 of the coalition forces dead and wounded, including high ranking military and security officers and political leaders,” Brigadier Abdullah Jafri told reporters, affirming that the enemy will not be safe anymore.

The Air Forces spokesman affirmed that a state of fear and panic attacked the enemy’s troops, adding that attack one of the most important military messages.


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