Martyr Al-Samad’s awards to most productive farmers in Amran delivered to winners


AMRAN, Jan. 1 (Saba) – Governor of Amran, Dr. Faisal Jouman, on Tuesday honored the winners of the martyr Ex-President Saleh Al-Samad Award for the development and production of cereals.

At the ceremony organized by the General Corporation for Cereal Production at the University of Amran, Governor Jouman considered this award a step to encourage farmers to maintain grain production, as Amran is an agricultural province and has fertile land for growing grains, vegetables and other agricultural crops.

He pointed out that this step comes as a translation of the project launched by the martyr president, “A hand for protect the homeland and another hand to build it”. He pointed out that the agricultural aspect was one of his priorities and always sought to make Yemen self-sufficient grain.

The governor of Amran stressed the importance of the support provided by the local authority leadership in the province and encouraging the farmers to increase competition to produce as much grain as possible in order to reach self-sufficiency of grain crops, especially in light of continued the US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition to impose their all-out siege on the country and to wage their economic war.


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