Program of announcement of Al-Sammad prize for production of grain in Dhamar approved


Dhamar, Dec. 28 (Saba) – The Committee for Preparation and of the Celebration and Honoring the Winners of the Martyr Al-Samad Award for Cereal Production in Dhamar province on Thursday approved program of ceremony to honor the farmers who won the prize of Martyr Former-President Al-Sammad in Dhamar province which will be organized next Saturday.

The Director of the Office of Agriculture and Irrigation, Eng. Hilal Al-Jashari, said that the committee approved a media plan over the objectives of the award and its role in encouraging farmers to compete in grain production and expansion in agriculture, which will contribute to the advancement of the agricultural sector, enhance food security and reduce the costs of production and importation toward that achievement of self-sufficiency.

He pointed out that Dhamar is one of the agricultural provinces, which is represent basket of Yemen’s food and contains fertile agricultural crops and climate suitable for the cultivation of a number of crops, especially grain crops.

Al-Jahari said that the award will be awarded to five farmers in Dhamar province who have achieved the highest productivity of the main grain crops such as wheat, maize, high-grade, millet, barley and others.


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