2 of aggression collaborators express their remorse for treason acts

SANAA, July 10 (Saba) – The security services arrested a number of Saudi-paid mercenaries, who were entrusted with monitoring and reporting the aggression by the movements of the Yemen army and the popular committees and security men, a security official told Saba News Agency on Tuesday.
One of the collaborators , a 65-year-old, revealed that the mercenaries used to exploit some older people and use them to obtain information.
The official pointed out that the collaborator, who was arrested, admitted that he worked with mercenaries of aggression, and was providing them with information through a man from the Islah Party, which in his turn raising information to the mercenaries in Marib.

According to the collaborator confessions, he received nothing from the mercenaries except false promises to get money and weapons, pointing out that the leaders of mercenaries exploit the deceived people to get personal gain in return for the destruction of Yemen.

Another collaborator with the aggression admitted that the leaders of mercenaries in Marib were asking him to monitor the movements of security men and the army, as well as monitoring the gatherings of citizens in the ceremony of condolences, social gatherings and monitoring homes and others.

The detainees elements expressed their remorse for their acts of treason.

Sameera Hassn
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