Update 1: Death tolls from wedding Saudi airstrike on Saada rises to 11 civilians

SAADA, July 3 (Saba) – The death toll from the US-backed Saudi-led coalition aggression airstrike on the wedding in Saada province on Tuesday rose to 11 civilians, a medic official told Saba News Agency.

The coalition committed a massacre on Ghafr area wedding in Dhaher district by launching an airstrike, in which the death toll rose to 11 and 11 others were injured, mostly women and children, the official added.

The official pointed to the continuing flight of warplanes in the sky of the region hindering the process of ambulance and rescues the victims.

The official strongly condemned the air attack on women and children as Yemen always stresses that such war crimes will not pass without punishment.

Sameera Hassn

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