Only 5% of army, popular committees defend Hodeidah: Military official


SANAA, June 18 (Saba) – The forces currently defending Hodeidah province constitute only 5 per cent of the army forces and popular committees, Brig. Gen. Abdullah al-Jafri, spokesman of Yemeni air force and air defense, said on Monday.

“The situation in Hodeidah is normal and controlled, contrary to propaganda of the aggression countries (Saudi-led coalition) on Yemen,” al-Jafri added in an interview with Al-Alam TV channel.

He pointed out that when the coalition states have failed miserably to achieve any victories on the ground, they sought to pressure through the economic card by transferring the central bank, and today through the media.

“We were in Hodeidah and we saw the killing and destruction that is taking place there,” al-Jafri said.

There are very large preparations by the army and the popular committees to repel any infiltration attempts by the coalition troops, he added.

He referred to the recent attack on a UAE barge in the western coast, which led to killing and wounding large number of Saudi, Emirati, Israeli and American soldiers and other mercenaries were on the barge.

“During two weeks of the aggression on Hodeidah, there are more than 418 dead and 322 wounded in ranks of the coalition, al-Jafri said.

He added that 44 armored vehicles were destroyed in two days, in addition to 12 vehicles destroyed before, and a whole battalion was captured.


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