Army hits gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Najran, , Asir


NAJRAN, Aug 3 (Saba) – The artillery units of the army and popular forces shelled gatherings of Saudi soldiers in military sites in Najran and Asir provinces, a military official told Saba on Thursday.

The shelling hit the gatherings in Saudi military sites of Thawr al-Eyen off al-Khadhra crossing point and Raqabat al-Humar in Najran.

Also, the artillery hit other gatherings in military sites of al-Nashmah, al-Majar and al- Ahabakah in Asir.

Meanwhile, the US-backed Saudi warplanes waged two strikes on al-rabu’eh area of Asir, other four strikes on Jarah valley area, as well as two raids on al-Duda Mountain in Jizan, the official added.


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