Army shoots dead Saudi solider in Jizan


JIZAN, Feb. 13 (saba) – The army and popular forces on Monday shot dead a Saudi soldier in al-Suda site in Khubah area in Jizan region, a military official told Saba.

The army and Popular forces targeted a gathering of Saudi soldiers in Am-Alqatab al-Sharqeyah with al-Sarkha, Cry, missile -3.

The army and popular forces also targeted gathering of soldiers and their ordnance in the north of al-Mahdaf, al-Madrasa village , Kars, Jawbah, al-Tewal gate and al-Ghaweyah areas.

The attacks hit their target accurately.

The missile force of the army and popular forces bombed gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their vehicles at the site of Abu-al-Math and Walan military areas.

The official stressed that the army and popular forces pounded Saudi paid-mercenaries in the northeast Midi desert and in the west of al-Tewal border crossing.

The army and popular forces also pounded Tabat-al-Radhmah area with rockets.


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