Workshop on development of food security in Hodeida begins


HODEIDA, Jan. 23 (SABA) – A workshop financed by the European Union (EU) on the project to develop Information Systems on Food Security began on Monday in Hodeida province.

The workshop organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation aims to update the seasonal assessment for the environmental agricultural area Red Sea and Tihama scope

At the opening, the governor of Hodeida, Ahmed Hassan al-Hejj stressed that food security is a priority for the Yemeni government, stressing that there are many challenges to face food security.

He stressed the need to adopt future programs and projects to ensure the development of the agricultural sector. He expressed the will of the provincial leadership to ensure the success of the project.

He highly appreciated the role of the EU in financing the project and the role of the Organization (FAO) in implementing and providing technical support to the program to enhance food security and improve nutrition in the Yemen.

The Director of the Bureau of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation Mohammed Abdulrahman stressed the importance of this workshop to raise awareness of food security issues.

Dr Abdul Wahid Mukred, Head of the Technical Secretariat for the Food Security Program, stressed the importance of the workshop in strengthening data mechanisms for food security and how to use them in the Capacity building of government institutions.


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